Registration Numbers- Outlined Set of 2 EZ Boat Lettering
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Custom Boat PCW Registration Numbers - Two Color

  • Price includes a set of two for both sides of the boat
  • Pre-Spaced and ready to apply
  • Choose color, font and style
  • Standard: 3" x 22"
  • Oversized: 4" x 24"
  • Ships in 3-10 Days
  • Proofs will not include specialty vinyl colors
  • High Performance Vinyl 7 Year Outdoor Lifespan

      ****Style, Colors and Fonts Listed Below*****

****NOTE, please check your state for regulations regarding your boat registration numbers. Most states require block lettering, such as ariel or times font. If you choose a fancy font that is not regulation, we bear no responsibility for fines or damages.





 Specialty Vinyl Selections

Diamond Plate


Diamond Plate Mini 


Mirror Chrome 



Mirror Gold



Mirror Lens Silver



Carbon Fiber Silver



Carbon Fiber Gun Metal



Fantasy Sequins Silver



Fantasy Crystal Silver



Font Selection - Click to View





 Bada Boom


 Bell Bottom














 Cheap Fire


 Comic Sans






 Crystal Radio

































 Old English


 Poor Richard



 Post Cript













 Times Roman











  • Item #: RO1102O

Outlined Registration Numbers- Set of 2

Price: $28.95
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